Does not the prevision of the trials it has still to undergo, in order to complete its purification, excite in the soul a painful apprehension that must lessen its happiness?

"Yes, in the case of a soul who is still soiled by evil, and therefore it can only enjoy perfect happiness when it has become perfectly pure. But for souls who have attained to a certain degree of elevation, the thought of the trials they have still to undergo has in it nothing painful."

The soul, arrived at a certain degree of purification, has already a foretaste of happiness. It is pervaded by a feeling of satisfaction, and is happy in all that it sees, in all that surrounds it. The veil which covers the marvels and mysteries of creation being already partially raised for it, the divine perfections begin to be perceived by it in their splendour.
〔注解〕 魂が浄化のある段階に達していると、既に幸福の予測を持っている。心は満足感で一杯、目にするものすべて、周囲をとりかこむものすべてに幸福を覚える。万物の驚嘆すべきこと、神秘のヴェールも一部は既にはがされており、神の完全性が四囲に輝いて見え始めている。

―― 桑原啓善訳 アラン・カーデック霊の書』〔九七九〕より